Project Description

Open source portal based on Microsoft's portal starter kit 3.5 . The backend of the application has been completely redone and uses mere 2 tables for the complete application. Quite handy for small to mid size web portals.

For a live demo of this portal please visit

Tutorial website built using the discussion module

What next ?

The next release will have the following things in it :

1) We will do some code cleaning, there are code blocks which have been repeated in the portal code. We will remove them and eliminate code repetition.
2) There will be a step by step install guide to help in using this portal after you download it from codeplex.
3) There will be a step by step guide to create a new module and use it in this portal.

Thanks everybody for there tremendous support to this portal. We have had 100+ downloads in mere 3 days and the number is still counting. Also the ranking of this codeplex url has motivated us tremendously.
We would be more than happy to provide help to all who are using this portal code. Please write to us at

A word from Bootcamp.

Finally we launched our web portal in the opensource domain. This website is being fueled by version 1.0 of our web portal. This project started with Microsoft's 3.5 portal starter kit. We we started working with this starter kit we realized that new module creation was relatively difficult with that approach as all the aspects of the portal had to be touched while developing a new module. For example in case you desire to add a new to-do list module into the porta you had to follow the following steps:

1) Create a database table for your module.
2) Write stored procedures to work with your data.
3) Create user control for the module.
4) Work on the coding part.
5) Deploy the module and use it.

The attempt we made is to eliminate the database work that needs to be done. Our portal works on mere 2 tables and uses LINQ. It eliminates the database work while developing a new module for the portal. All you have to do is derive your module from a given user control, mark your properties with our custom attribute and use our custom data access layer for database infraction. So it makes your life a little bit easy as far as using the portal and coding your own modules go. Hope you find this project useful and can benefit from it. Any reviews or feedbacks are most welcome.

More documentation and code samples to follow soon. Please check back regularly for updates. Also any support required for the portal shall be provide happily and for free :). Happy coding !

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