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Hello, please visit our demo website to see this portal in action

The base for this portal is Microsoft's 3.5 portal starter kit. We started from this starter kit and did major modifications to the way it was written. The complete back end of the starter kit was changed and replaced with our data access layer built using LINQ. The point of interest in this modification is that the whole database schema was changed by us. We got rid of all the tables which were being used the starter kit to run. We replaced those tables with mere 2 tables and then wrote the whole back end of the portal to work on these 2 tables. The performance of this portal in a high traffic environment is unknown. But our portal is very handy for small to mid size websites. There are no speed issues while running a website built using this portal , as it would be clear from the performance of this website.

Also the user management in this portal is being done using membership and roles. This aspect was custom written in the starter kit and we replaced it completely.

Current development status :

This portal is under active development and we are trying to post enhancements onto codeplex on a regular basis. For latest enhancements please visit this site on a regular basis. Also we will be posting a list of these changes on codeplex. Hope you benefit from the source code for this portal. Any queries, suggestions , feedback are most welcome. You may write to us at

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